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Everyone has a plan for their life, even if what you want is not exactly healthy for you. NBA star, Calvin Hunter’s plan was one of sex, fun and oh yeah- basketball. He loves games in all forms and his favorite was keeping the world guessing about who he really is. The media hates him. Women want a piece of him and men want to be him. After being seriously injured in a car accident, Cal is forced to retreat across the country to recuperate and hide out from the media. For the first time he is faced with a woman that isn’t impressed with him, in fact, he’s pretty sure Jaimie Williams doesn’t even like him.

Jaimie’s life plan is very simple; get a job to help her pay for school and finish her degree. Men factor very little in her plans but she does have some definite ideas about what she wants in a man and it’s definitely not Cal. It’s a good thing too because her man-stealing sister Kenya is on the prowl and her next target is Jaimie’s new boss.

All her life Kenya has focused on one goal; marry a rich and hopefully famous man. The idea that she’s never worked a day of her life is a big fat lie. She’s worked her butt off for years at this goal but had yet to come close to reaching it. But that’s about to change. She now has a secret weapon and her name is Diamond.

Both sisters are beautiful. Both are clear in what they want out of life. Which one will win Cal’s heart and which one will be left on the sidelines to watch? Things are about to change in all their lives, some for the better some for worse. But one thing is certain nothing will ever be the same.

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