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It's been a long time...

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. It's been a long road this past year. Plenty of trips to doctors and more than one surgery but I'm happy to say that I am stronger and healthier than I've been in more than twenty years. (Not to mention lighter/ thinner) Anyway it is with great excitement that I announce my next book. It's a novella and it's called False Pretenses. I have some editing to complete but I expect to have it out by next month. As I get closer to launch time I will leave another post with the synopsis. I am so excited. Also, I'm working on another full length novel that is the third installment to the His Series. His by Design is coming along nicely. For those of you that read my first book His Redemption, you will be familiar with Shawna's character. This new story is about her but don't be surprised if Sarah and Tony pop up in there somewhere too. I loved their story so much I just had to include them too. Look for this new book soon. I'm off for now but look forward to updating you in the next week or so. Bye for now.

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