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 Tony Mason’s plan for his life was simple. Make amends for his past, keep his head down and focus exclusively on making his pet shops the best they could be. Simple right? It was, until he hired Sarah Fournier to be his new store manager. Then simple turned into chaos.

From the moment Tony first sets eyes on Sarah he can’t deny his attraction to her but there are a couple of things wrong with this scenario. First, Sarah works for him. Second, she is so far out of his league he shouldn’t even think about acting on his feelings. Third, and most important, she is a good girl and Tony had never been into good girls.

Sarah is so completely different from Tony’s usual type he doesn’t know what to do. He tries hard to ignore what’s happening but can never quite pull it off. Can he convince Sarah to take a chance on him? More importantly, if they let things get serious will she be willing to overlook his past or will it come back to bite him on the ass and rob him of a future more beautiful than he deserves?

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