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It’s been said before by plenty of women but I’m going to say it again; I don’t trust men.  I may not have much experience with them but the little that I’ve had has shown me what sneaky manipulative jerks they can be and I have no use for them.  All I need are my best friends (which seem to be dropping like flies to the enemy), my crazy mom and my career.  Have I mentioned yet that I’ve started my own company?  There is also some talk of me starring in a new home renovation show?  It’s a pretty awesome life, right?  So of course, that’s when some annoying smelly boy shows up to ruin it all.  The smelly boy I’m referring to is actually a man, Tyler Black.  To be fair, he is pretty good-looking for a smelly boy.  But still, why the hell won’t he leave me alone?  I’ve already told him I’m not interested in becoming his business partner. But did he listen?  I’ve also told him that I’m not interested in dating him but yet again he’s gone deaf.  Then, as if things weren’t bad enough, my ex found out how well I’m doing and decided we need to reconnect.  Now my awesome life is turning into … let’s just say it’s been interesting. 

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