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Blast from His Past.jpg

           Justin took a deep breath and released it as he tossed his graduation cap in the air with the other hundred or so graduates.  It was done.  He was finally free- free to start his life, free to leave this place that held so many bad memories. Free to leave her.  He looked around the hockey arena the school had rented for the ceremony in search of his older sister but instead locked eyes on her- Tasha.

            A flood of emotions filled him as he looked at the petite girl with skin the color of milk chocolate and deep brown eyes; hate, resentment, sadness, nostalgia.  But the overriding feeling that made the others seem small by comparison was guilt.  He’d taken something so special- so precious and stomped all over it then peed on it for good measure.  At least that’s how it felt and the worst part was he didn’t even know why he’d done it. 

            As Tasha stared back at him he couldn’t tell how she was feeling but it didn’t matter.  He despite everything that happened he wished her well.  He would figure out what was behind his actions and emotions and if he ever happened to cross paths with her in the future, he would do his best to make things right with her- somehow.

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